Extra Virgin Olive Oil · Organic · (EVOO)

Rich in nutrients, completely natural and eco-friendly   Organic Extra [...]

A diet rich in olive oil reduces have significant benefits for brain health

A diet rich in olive oil reduces the risk of [...]

The Symphony of Blossoming at CLOS PONS: A Variety Show

With the arrival of May and June, the vineyards of [...]

Absolute triumph of Eduard Pons and Jaume Betriu in Baja Greece

The team from Lleida has controlled almost from start to [...]

The Smarttree will be implemented in the new PONS Olive Grove: An Innovative Cultivation Model

This innovative cultivation model will be implemented in the next [...]

PONS expands its varietal garden with 65 native Catalan varieties

The PONS Varietal Garden, located in L’Albagés, in the heart [...]

How to control the acidity of wines in extreme climates

The main consequence of high temperatures is the loss of [...]

It’s Time for Olive Fruit Inflorescence at PONS

Also known as olive tree flowering, this captivating process usually [...]

JANIROC Lecciana Organic, an oil with great personality.

In the world of extra virgin olive oil, JANIROC Lecciana [...]

Sustainable Practices in Pest and Disease Prevention in the CLOS PONS Vineyard: A Comprehensive Strategy

In the world of viticulture, sustainable management has become a [...]

We have begun manual pruning of the super-intensive olive tree

At PONS we have begun super-intensive 🌿 manual pruning of [...]

The reason for the Green roofs in the olive grove

The complexity and stability of agrarian systems is based on [...]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil · Organic ·

Rich in nutrients, completely natural and eco-friendly In the mills, [...]

Variedad Arbequina · Un aceite equilibrado y rico en ácidos grasos esenciales

Desde el punto de vista nutricional el aceite de oliva [...]

Costers del Segre 2023 DO Awards. Aura 2019, the best Costers del Segre 2023.

Aura 2019, the best Costers del Segre This wine from [...]

Harvest 2023 at Clos Pons: The secrets behind CLOS PONS wines of the 2023 vintage.

Our winemaking team unveils the secrets behind CLOS PONS wines [...]

Night Harvest – Clos Pons

In this campaign we started our workdays at dawn, we [...]

Countdown to PONS New Mill

The new PONS mill is almost a reality, and has [...]


Soil is not only a physical medium used by plants [...]

Make your visit to CLOS PONS a sustainable stay. We now offer electric chargers.

Now you can visit us without worrying about the state [...]

PONS FOOD FESTIVAL, an unforgettable night!!

And the PONS FOOD Festival returned with all its magic [...]

From the traditional to the superintensive Olive Grove

I still remember the words of my grandfather Joan, a [...]

Painting and wine at CLOS PONS, artists in nature

We started the day with a projection where we were [...]

Organic extra virgin olive oil JANIROC Koroneiki, another jewel on your table.

An early harvest organic EVO, made with very fresh koroneiki olives. [...]

The birth of a wine, JAN ROSE

The heat is coming and with it comes the desire [...]

From the olive grove to the new mill

From our farm to your table is our emblematic slogan, [...]

Vintage 2021, with good forecasts in terms of volume and quality

At Clos Pons winery we are in the middle of [...]

Rosemary oil, take care of yourself this summer with this great antioxidant

Rosemary is one of the most characteristic plants in the [...]

Get ready for the summer with Clos Pons Vermouth

At Clos Pons winery, we welcome summer 2021 with a [...]

PONS invests in new olive varieties in l’Albagés

El 2021 serà l'any de culminació d'un projecte d'investigació varietal [...]

JANIROC, a jewel of the world

This oil is a tribute to the fifth generation of [...]

PONS & TABASCO®, the know-how of two companies united in one product

The PONS brand and the TABASCO® brand have been working [...]

CLOS PONS red wines – Roc Nu

We continue with the special on red wines talking about [...]

CLOS PONS red wines– Alges

Clos Pons winery has vineyards spread between L’Albagès and La [...]

CLOS PONS red wines – Jan Petit

During winter time and with cold weather, we like to [...]

Snow stains the landscape of Clos Pons white

Last weekend, the storm Filomena, that passed through the whole [...]

Truffle oil properties and how to use it in your dishes

Extra virgin olive oil with truffle allows us to enjoy [...]

Format Màgnum en vins, per què elegir-lo?

Molts ens pregunten que té el format 1,5L que el [...]

Primum Oleum, the most precious extra virgin of PONS

The crown jewel in the family, extra virgin olive oil [...]

Family reserva, the most personal arbequina

Made in our stone mill, these 100% Arbequina variety oils [...]

The 2020 harvest is finished

This past Thursday, September 24th, we concluded the 2020 harvest [...]

La Llena 2016, our red Collection wine

La Llena 2016 is a magnificent Collection wine with intense [...]

Improve your immune system with our citric lemon olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil with citric lemon is made from [...]

Olive oil in your ice cream, do you dare to do it?

Extra virgin olive oil is not a common ingredient when [...]

Clos Pons starts the 2020 harvest

The expected short but of quality campaign has begun this [...]

Green oil arbequina EVOO pearls, give a differentiated touch to your dishes

This year, the PONS innovation team has presented the pearls [...]

CLOS PONS white wines – Roc de Foc

Continuing with the special on white wines, in this chapter [...]

CLOS PONS white wines – Sisquella

Summer is time for fresh, lighter and less elaborate dishes, [...]

CLOS PONS white wines – Jan Blanc

When the summer arrives, white wines are the most appealed [...]

Alges, the flagship wine of Clos Pons

Our red wine, Alges, is the best known wine of [...]

Infused or fresh crushed oils, learn how they are produced so that you can differentiate them

If you have ever navigated through our online store, you [...]

We are ready to reopen the doors to the Clos Pons Winery!

The time has finally come! On the 4th of July, [...]

Cingles 2018, our white Collection wine

El Cingles, is a spectacular Collection wine with high minerality, [...]

MALBEC, new vineyards planted in CLOS PONS

COVID can't stop us This week we have started planting [...]

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, rich in nutrients, always respecting the environment

We discover the nutritional and environmental qualities provided by our [...]