CLOS PONS red wines – Jan Petit

During winter time and with cold weather, we like to prepare dishes with a higher caloric load and in accordance with the temperature, such as stews, meats, soups or creams. This type of cuisine pairs exellently well with red wine, since, in adition, the tannins provided by this type of wine help dissolve the fat in the food throughout the digestive process.

In this first special publication on white wines, we will discover our youngest wine:

Jan Petit 2017.

This wine is made with the Syrah and Grenache varieties, from the Clos Pons l’Albagés vineyards, at an altitude of 500 meters.

It is a wine aged in French and American oak barrels for four months, which gives it light notes of oak, allowing the purest fruity character to express itself in all its essence. In addition, like all Clos Pons wines, Jan Petit spends some time in the bottle before being launched, this is why the current vintage is 2017.

With an attractive ruby ​​color and a purple rim, Jan Petit displays a bright primary fruit character with hints of strawberries, cherries and plums.

In the mouth it is fresh, vital and intense, our Jan Petit has a balanced, smooth texture and leaves a very pleasant sensation.