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Vintage 2021, with good forecasts in terms of volume and quality

At Clos Pons winery we are in the middle of the harvest season and the harvest forecasts for this vintage are better than last year. Vintage started the last week of August with the Albariño variety, with which we produce our white wine Sisquella, as it was the one that came earlier this year. This […]

CLOS PONS red wines – Roc Nu

We continue with the special on red wines talking about the serving temperature of the reds. In many cases we have heard that red wines can be taken at room temperature, which is a totally false statement and leads to the mistake of thinking that red wine should not be refrigerated. Red wines need to have the right temperature to balance alcohol, acidity and astringency, as well as to be able to obtain the aromas and nuances in the mouth that red wine offers us.

CLOS PONS red wines – Jan Petit

During winter time and with cold weather, we like to prepare dishes with a higher caloric load and in accordance with the temperature, such as stews, meats, soups or creams. This type of cuisine pairs exellently well with red wine, since, in adition, the tannins provided by this type of wine help dissolve the fat in the food throughout the digestive process.

Alges, the flagship wine of Clos Pons

Our red wine, Alges, is the best known wine of the Clos Pons Winery and the one that best defines the character of our winery, marked by an abrupt terrain with an extreme climatology that confers very characteristic identity features. The territory of Les Garrigues and all its essence are represented in this wine.