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Extra Virgin Olive Oil · Organic · (EVOO)

Rich in nutrients, completely natural and eco-friendly   Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is made from olives from organic farming that are healthy and at their optimum ripeness point In the mills, mechanical procedures or physical means are used in specially controlled conditions, which do not alter the oil. We can define organic farming […]

The Symphony of Blossoming at CLOS PONS: A Variety Show

With the arrival of May and June, the vineyards of CLOS PONS transform into a stage where each grape variety performs its own flowering melody. During this crucial period, tiny white flowers emerge, marking the beginning of a promise of fruits that will define the next harvest. Flowering is one of the critical stages in […]

The Smarttree will be implemented in the new PONS Olive Grove: An Innovative Cultivation Model

This innovative cultivation model will be implemented in the next PONS plantations. We will start in June of this year with a new Lecciana plantation of about 32 hectares on our Castelldans farms. The Smarttree is a revolutionary approach to olive cultivation that combines high productivity, efficiency and sustainability. Here are the key aspects: Hedge […]