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Red Wine is rich in resveratrol, a compound with antioxidant properties and a cardioprotective effect

One of the most prominent polyphenols in red wine and studied at a nutritional level is resveratrol. This compound fights cancer cells and free radicals by reducing ageing, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and protects the cardiovascular system.  The intelligent consumption of red wine can present potential beneficial effects for health. Red wine is rich […]

A diet rich in olive oil reduces have significant benefits for brain health

A diet rich in olive oil reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s. Olive oil, especially extra virgin olive oil, has been shown to have significant benefits for brain health and could help reduce the risk of developing dementia, including Alzheimer’s. Below are some key points on this topic: Predimed Study: The Predimed study (Prevention with Mediterranean […]

The Symphony of Blossoming at CLOS PONS: A Variety Show

With the arrival of May and June, the vineyards of CLOS PONS transform into a stage where each grape variety performs its own flowering melody. During this crucial period, tiny white flowers emerge, marking the beginning of a promise of fruits that will define the next harvest. Flowering is one of the critical stages in […]

Absolute triumph of Eduard Pons and Jaume Betriu in Baja Greece

The team from Lleida has controlled almost from start to finish the second round of the Lowland World Cup, not only in its category but also in the overall classification. The adventure that Eduard Pons started in 2022 in the world of the cross-country discipline has lived today one of the culminating moments. In the […]

Éxito Solidario en la Quinta Marcha entre Viñas y Olivares en el territorio de CLOS PONS

Hoy domingo, en el territorio de CLOS PONS, se ha llevado a cabo la quinta edición de la Marcha entre Viñas y Olivares. Un evento solidario que ha superado todas las expectativas, reuniendo a más de 400 entusiastas participantes en apoyo a la lucha contra el cáncer en Lleida. Bajo el cálido sol de abril, […]

The reason for the Green roofs in the olive grove

The complexity and stability of agrarian systems is based on their diversity, made up of living elements and structures, as well as their actions and interactions. It is not only about the number of different elements, but also about their proportion, how they are ordered and how they relate to each other. A fertile soil […]

Costers del Segre 2023 DO Awards. Aura 2019, the best Costers del Segre 2023.

Aura 2019, the best Costers del Segre This wine from the Clos Pons de L’Albagés winery was proclaimed yesterday the best of the DO in 2023. The Castell de Gardeny in Lleida hosted the awards ceremony last night. Aura 2019 from Clos Pons winery in L’Albagés winery was proclaimed yesterday the best wine of Costers […]

Rallye du Maroc: Mechanical problems leave Eduard Pons and Marc Serra stranded 10km from the end of the race

After overcoming all kinds of setbacks during the five long stages of the Moroccan rally, the gearbox of the Can-Am gave out when the PONS team had the podium in sight. In Eduard Pons’ preparation for the Dakar 2024, the Rallye du Maroc was one of the most important challenges due to its proximity and […]

It’s happening now! The first olive oils from PONS 2023 harvest, produced in their new and recently inaugurated mill. 🌿🍶

Pons has started its harvest 15 days earlier than expected due to the high temperatures that cause the product to ripen more quickly. Pons aims to obtain first harvest oils, very green and early. They have almost 300 hectares, up to 5 different varieties of olives, and the aim is to be self-sufficient. Pons has […]