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Countdown to PONS New Mill

The new PONS mill is almost a reality, and has been the result of a design and construction process that has lasted almost 4 years in its different phases, from the decision of its location, through an extensive analysis of product and process needs, to finally its technological design and construction. The new facility is […]


Soil is not only a physical medium used by plants as a support, it is a non-renewable natural resource and a fundamental axis in the balance of all ecosystems. The life of our planet depends on it and its rapid degradation compromises its capacity to satisfy the needs and well-being of future generations. Pollution from […]

A daily consumption of one tablespoon of olive oil a day reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s, according to a large scientific study.

It is true that olive oil has become an indispensable product in our diet thanks, to a large extent, to its positive effects on our health. The vast majority of PONS oils are characterized by a high level of polyphenols.  These, together with fatty acids and vitamins, are responsible for their benefits, making their consumption […]

From the traditional to the superintensive Olive Grove

I still remember the words of my grandfather Joan, a native of Arbeca, the birthplace of the Arbequina olive, who used to explain to me on hot summer nights on our family farm: “One day water will come to our drylands and on that day the world of olive oil will be very prosperous”. I […]

Organic extra virgin olive oil JANIROC Koroneiki, another jewel on your table.

An early harvest organic EVO, made with very fresh koroneiki olives. It is a perfumed oil, with notes of fresh grass, apple and fennel. On the palate it has a medium bitterness and progressive heat, it is an oil with a fresh and minty sensation. Ideal to enjoy in dressings and as a finishing oil. This […]

JANIROC extra virgin olive oils, and the reason for its uniqueness, innovation and authenticity at a global level.

Eduard Pons, our CEO and the fourth generation of the Pons family, comments on the uniqueness, innovation and authenticity of the new JANIROC family of extra virgin olive oils, the result of 20 years of research into more than 200 varieties from all over the world, cultivated on the Pons family estates in L’Albagés.

PONS invests in new olive varieties in l’Albagés

El 2021 serà l’any de culminació d’un projecte d’investigació varietal que la família Pons ha dut a terme durant aquests últims gairebé 20 anys en el Jardí Varietal. Aquesta última setmana s’ha iniciat amb la plantada d’olivera en intensiu de la varietat Koroneiki, una varietat grega que s’adapta molt bé al territori.