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Improve your immune system with our citric lemon olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil with citric lemon is made from cold pressing fresh lemons together with the olives, in order to preserve most of the qualities and properties of the essential oil from this citrus fruit The result is a product that has multiple properties that benefit general well-being, help improve our mental and physical […]

Alges, the flagship wine of Clos Pons

Our red wine, Alges, is the best known wine of the Clos Pons Winery and the one that best defines the character of our winery, marked by an abrupt terrain with an extreme climatology that confers very characteristic identity features. The territory of Les Garrigues and all its essence are represented in this wine.

Red wine, our ally against ageing

Red wine is rich in resveratrol, a compound with antioxidant properties and a cardioprotective effect The intelligent consumption of red wine can present potential beneficial effects for health. Red wine is rich in antioxidants, especially in polyphenols, which are bioactive compounds, located naturally in wine, from the grapes used to make the wine. Polyphenols are […]

Unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, discover our process that extends durability while keeping all its flavor

Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil is so unique, it has the same organoleptic qualities as filtered oil but with a much more intense flavor, slightly peppery and a higher density in appearance.

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