PONS & TABASCO®, the know-how of two companies united in one product

The PONS brand and the TABASCO® brand have been working together for years to offer this unique product that mixes the elegant flavor of PONS olive oil with the spice of TABASCO® condiment.

Late harvest Arbequina olives form the delicate base of this oil, the elegant and sweet taste is combined with the traditional red pepper condiment from McIlhenny Company, known since 1868 for its spicy taste and inimitable quality.

The two-month infusion process carried out in the PONS factory intensifies the flavor of the olive, while the TABASCO® condiment gives the oil a subtle but remarkable level of spiciness.

This condiment, ideal for pizzas, pasta, tartare and a long list of other recipes, will be our ally when it comes to flavoring our dishes in a very healthy way, as its base is extra virgin olive oil, with all the already known benefits, combined with the antioxidant and anticancer properties of capsaicin, from the chili pepper spicy with which TABASCO® is made.