Infused or fresh crushed oils, learn how they are produced so that you can differentiate them

If you have ever navigated through our online store, you would have been able to check the wide range of infused products that we have. They are perfect for finishing dishes as they can provide a differentiated touch to any recipe.

We usually separate them into two large ranges, which differ mainly by their elaboration, the first being the infused oils, with ingredients macerated in oil, and the second are the fresh crushed, where the olive oil and the essential oil of the leaves or fruits are extracted at the same time thereby obtaining a greater aroma.

Infused EVOOFresh crushed EVOO
BasilFresh Basil
Black Pepper Fresh Parsley
Black and White TruffleFig Leaf
ChilliWild Fennel
LemonClementine Zest
OreganoLemon Zest
Porcini MushroomOrange Zest
Sweet Smoked Paprika

Infused EVOO: these extra virgin olive oils are naturally infused once the oil is produced and filtered. A late-harvest olive oil is used, so the taste of the oil is less intense and we achieve both the smell and taste of the infused product to stand out.

Fresh crushed EVOO: this range of oils is carefully crafted in our stone mill. The leaves, strands or fruits are ground in the same way as the olives and are mixed with the olive paste. In this way, olive oil and essential oils from the leaf, strand or citrus are extracted at the same time, creating a completely natural product directly from our mill.

So, now that you know the different production techniques that we use, which one will you choose to taste first?