Truffle oil properties and how to use it in your dishes

Truffle is well known for being one of the most sought after foods in the world, its complex aroma and intense flavor delight chefs and culinary experts.

This unique mushroom does not support any type of cooking and is consumed in very small quantities, usually grated or laminated on top of the dishes once they are finished.

Extra virgin olive oil with truffle allows us to enjoy all the aroma and flavor of this exclusive product and benefit from the multitude of health-beneficial properties it has:

  • Improves heart health and lowers cholesterol, thanks to its high amount of vitamin E, truffle oil is very useful in dealing with bad cholesterol.
  • It strengthens the bone system, as it contributes to the absorption by the body of minerals needed to strengthen the bone system such as phosphorus and calcium.
  • Gentler digestions, also help to soften digestion by preventing the onset of symptoms such as heartburn.
  • It is a great ally in weight loss diets as its flavoring contribution reduces the use of salts and other condiments.

Like truffles, we will use this infused oil to finish dishes, as it is the best way to preserve the volatile aroma of truffles. If you want to know the best truffle recipes, we have a few prepared in the recipes section that you will love!