Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, rich in nutrients, always respecting the environment

We discover the nutritional and environmental qualities provided by our Organic EVOO, an oil made from olives that are organically farmed, healthy and at their optimum ripening point.

We can define organic agriculture as a system of agricultural production that is characterized by nourishing itself only with the natural resources available to it, and whose purpose is to obtain products that are entirely organic.

  • Natural process: the cultivation of this oil follows a process of little cultivation and far from external elements, this causes this product to preserve its primary composition. Organic products mature and accumulate nutrients naturally. It is one hundred percent olive juice and therefore retains all the qualities of this fruit.
  • Pure flavor: in keeping intact all the properties of the fruit, it provides a greater intensity in its aromatic flavor.
  • Beneficial to our body: it is free of pesticides and other chemicals or harmful agents for our organism.
  • Respectful of the environment: the ecological cultivation of olives, like that of any other organic product, follows procedures to take full advantage of all natural resources, so there is the minimum environmental impact, thus maintaining the balance in our natural environment.
  • Guaranteed traceability: the production of any food has traceability, but if we also add the rigorous controls that organic agriculture maintains, the result is a product of guaranteed traceability.
  • Certified quality: The logo you find on the label is what ensures that the product you buy is Organic.

The use of synthetic products, such as pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers, is avoided, thus achieving organic products, completely natural, while preserving the fertility of the land and respecting the environment. All this in a sustainable and balanced way.

Apart from our Organic Family Selection Oil, you can also find our Organic Arbequina Reserve in our online shop, made with Arbequina olives from our certified organic farm and crushed in our mill of l’Albagés.

Organic Family Selection Oil 500 Ml
Organic Arbequina Reserve 500 Ml

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