Primum Oleum, the most precious extra virgin of PONS

The crown jewel in the family, extra virgin olive oil Primum Oleum, is made piece by piece with the highest quality Arbequina variety oil of the early harvest.

This top quality olive oil is made in our stone mill in Albagès, combining the most traditional method such as pressing the olives with a stone mill with the extraction of the oil by centrifugation in two phases.

An extra virgin that transports you to the first days of harvest, when the aroma of pressed olives invades the whole space of our mill, and the first rays of oil appear, fragrant and delicious.

We individually package each Primum Oleum with all the care and love that this great oil needs. To protect it from sunlight, we fit it in the case and we add a dispenser to make it much more convenient to use once opened.

If you are thinking of giving a gift to someone special this Christmas, Primum Oleum is a perfect choice that combines elegance with the practicality of a good olive oil.