Family reserva, the most personal arbequina

Today we want to introduce you to a classic from PONS, its range of family reserve oils. Made in our stone mill, these 100% Arbequina variety oils are a clear example of tradition and long experience in the production of extra virgin olive oil.

At this time of harvest, the oil resulting from the extraction in the stone mill will go to the PONS Reserva Arbequina Early Harvest, a bright oil and a greener color due to its high chlorophyll content.

During these days the mill is grinding olives that are still green or starting to ripen so they not contain the amount of fat characteristic of their ripening.

In addition, the olive oil extracted has particular characteristics that determine its organoleptic properties, presenting a perfect balance between spicy, sweet and bitter, with a more intense aroma and greater fruitiness. The secret of its intense flavor is due to the fact that the oil content of early harvest olives is up to 15% lower than those harvested at a maximum ripening point, which has all its nutritional properties and of flavor are concentrated.

The family reserve range is completed by the classic arbequina, with ripe olives harvested between November and December and the organic arbequina certified by the CCPAE.