Improve your immune system with our citric lemon olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil with citric lemon is made from cold pressing fresh lemons together with the olives, in order to preserve most of the qualities and properties of the essential oil from this citrus fruit

The result is a product that has multiple properties that benefit general well-being, help improve our mental and physical health and promote emotional balance

Extra virgin olive oil and lemon are two superfoods. Olive oil is excellent for the heart and for keeping cholesterol under control, and lemon essential oil improves our immune system, is an antioxidant and elevates our mood

Infusing extra virgin olive oil with the essential oil of the lemon is an excellent way to reinforce the nutritional properties of each one, thus achieving a greater benefit for our body, besides adding flavour and additional seasoning to dishes.

In addition, the infusion of small amounts of lemon essential oil in extra virgin olive oil protects it from the oxidative process, increasing its useful life.The oxidative stability of infused extra virgin olive oil increases thanks to the antioxidant substances in lemon.It has been proven that it also has an antioxidant activity that fights against the oxidation of linoleic acid, essential fatty acid for our body, present in olive oil.

Properties and benefits of lemon essential oil

  • The main component of lemon essential oil is limonene, belonging to the terpene group, specifically limonoids, which constitute one of the largest classes of functional compounds and phytonutrients (1), functioning as antioxidants. In this way, they protect lipids, blood and other bodily fluids from the attack of free radicals.
  • The most important property of lemon essential oil is to increase the production of white blood cells, which are responsible for protecting and defending the body from harmful foreign substances or infections, thus strengthening the immune system.
  • Some other of the most popular properties of lemon essential oil is that they act as antiseptics and diuretics. These properties help to counteract the stomach’s acidity, prevent bleeding and relieve gastric ulcers. Its digestive effects promote regulating the digestion process and eliminating waste substances.
  • Finally, the antidepressant properties of lemon essential oil make it one of the ideal essential oils to improve mood and promote emotional balance. It also helps to improve concentration and mental relaxation.
Apart from the citric lemon oil, we also have a late harvest extra virgin olive oil infused with lemon, with which we enjoy the same properties mentioned with a more delicate and sweet taste.

VOCABULARY(1) Phytonutrients: also known as phytochemicals, are plant-specific compounds that provide various benefits to the body. They are related in some way to the pigments of vegetables and are usually found in fresh foods, fruit and vegetable extracts and cold-pressed oils