The 2020 harvest is finished

This past Thursday, September 24th, we concluded the 2020 harvest at Clos Pons winery.

It has been a very short harvest, as we have only harvested the 40% of a good harvest volume. As we mentioned in our post at the beginning of the campaign, we knew that we were dealing with lower production on the vineyard but certainly of good quality.

The harvest was done entirely by hand with 14kg boxes and a good number of labor due to the dispersion of the grapes in the vineyard.

The 2020 vintage will have the shortest harvest since we opened this winery, but it will be offset by its quality, which will bring us elegant and aromatic wines.

The quality of the Grenache stands out, both white and black. This is an important variety in our winery as it is one of the varieties with which we make our best known wines. Sisquella white wine, which has a part of white Grenache fermented in barrels, and both Alges red wine, Jan Petit and Roc Nu also is made with a part of black Grenache.

So, bottom line is that we have a positive view of this vintage, especially considering the inclement weather we’ve had this spring.