Unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, discover our process that extends durability while keeping all its flavor

People wait for the olive harvest season to enjoy Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This oil is so unique, it has the same organoleptic qualities as filtered oil but with a much more intense flavor, slightly peppery and a higher density in appearance.

Unfiltered oil, however, has a durability problem, as impurities and moisture present in unfiltered extra virgin olive oil can cause fermentation, causing a deterioration in the quality of the product.

In order to enjoy an unfiltered oil but avoid damage due to this moisture, our oils go through a cleaning process with food paper.

Our Reserva Arbequina Early Harvest is a good example of this process, which keeps the product in perfect condition while maintaining the taste and texture of the oil without filtering.

This process involves the olive oil passing through the cellulose paper, leaving both the largest impurities and moisture on the paper, allowing the olive oil to have greater durability.

Currently, our oils go through this process quickly after being produced, avoiding contact with humidity and impurities as much as possible, thus guaranteeing stable quality for a longer period of time.

This oil maintains the same density and appearance as an unfiltered oil but with a longer consumption date, as moisture levels have been reduced and oxidation will not occur so prematurely.