CLOS PONS white wines – Roc de Foc

Continuing with the special on white wines, in this chapter we want to tell you about our aged white wines, ideal for cooler summer nights, when the temperature of the day drops and you feel like preparing more elaborate dishes such as fatty fish, stews or white meats.

This is the ideal situation when aged wines can be the perfect pairing for these meals, as they are wines to which the wood gives them more volume, and makes them become more creamy, dense and persistent.

CLOS PONS winery’s most special aged white wine


Made 100% with the Macabeo variety, very typical of the winemaking tradition of the Costers del Segre D.O., is a complex white that is long and friendly, and stands out for its body and unctuousness.

It is a slowly pressed wine without drifting, fermented and aged on its lees for twelve months in large “bocoy” of French oak.  On the nose it is fresh and subtle, with hints of white and aniseed flowers.

In the following video, our winemaker Martí Magriña details what makes this wine unique:

The stones of our terroir and the fire of the climate of the Garrigues give character and balance in the Roc de Foc.

Roc de Foc is an amazing wine that falls within that range of white wines for lovers of red wine. 

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