Clos Pons starts the 2020 harvest

The expected short but of quality campaign has begun this Monday

The Clos Pons winery has started the wine harvest with the white Grenache variety, which will be used to elaborate Sisquella 2020.

This year, the harvest is marked by inclement weather, as the grapes suffered a frost in the flowering stage, the subsequent hail in May and an excess of rain that has caused a reduction in production by 50%.

However, the grapes that have started to be harvested are of good quality as the vineyard is more rested as it has a much lower production than usual.

This is an early vintage, as this variety is not normally harvested until late August. The grapes ripen faster than other years, which has meant that the harvest has started earlier.

It has been a complicated season for many factors, but the land, as always, gives us the best of itself, a quality grape to make great wines.

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