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The reason for the Green roofs in the olive grove

The complexity and stability of agrarian systems is based on their diversity, made up of living elements and structures, as well as their actions and interactions. It is not only about the number of different elements, but also about their proportion, how they are ordered and how they relate to each other. A fertile soil […]


Soil is not only a physical medium used by plants as a support, it is a non-renewable natural resource and a fundamental axis in the balance of all ecosystems. The life of our planet depends on it and its rapid degradation compromises its capacity to satisfy the needs and well-being of future generations. Pollution from […]

From the traditional to the superintensive Olive Grove

I still remember the words of my grandfather Joan, a native of Arbeca, the birthplace of the Arbequina olive, who used to explain to me on hot summer nights on our family farm: “One day water will come to our drylands and on that day the world of olive oil will be very prosperous”. I […]